April 2022 Version History

New Features:

Graceful handling of move-in attempts on fully occupied units

When a user attempts to move into a unit that is fully occupied, they will be given a reservation confirmation prompt instead of proceeding to the move-in wizard. *With this change we’ve updated the default reservation email template to hide the move-in link if a reservation is created this way

Show prices no longer needs to be filled multiple times

If price hiding is enabled, customers who fill in their details into the Show Prices form will have their details remembered and pre-filled if they encounter the same prompt again. Details are reused & pre-filled up to 1 day.

Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

    • Users will automatically be logged out of Facility Self Service if there is 5 minutes of inactivity
    • Scheduled events such as the lead followup email will still send in instances where the RapidStor Server restarts
    • Resolved bug that prevented Staff Self Service from bring able to load ‘take payment’