August 2020 Version History

List of Features:

  • Added Lead Follow Up Email – Utilizing this, a delay can be set for when a reservation confirmation email is sent if a move-in hasn’t been completed.
    • The Subject & delay can be configured under the reservations & move-ins settings
    • The email template can be found in files as ‘Lead Follow Up email’
  • Added option to hide postcode field to the Single Page Move-in Wizard
  • Added End of Move-in URL to Wizards settings. This will redirect the customer to a custom URL after completing their move-in
  • Added Additional BCC Email Addresses to the Notification emails settings.
  • Added Show Area Instead of Dimensions to General Settings
  • Charges that would display as $0 will no longer appear on the charges table during move-in & receipts
  • BoxShop featured items can now be sorted beyond 3 items. The first three items will still be featured on Move-in
  • For BoxShop, pickup or delivery address will be shown on screen during BoxShop purchases


List of Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • BoxShop will now limit customers from adding items into the their cart that exceed the stock limit on SiteLink
  • For Tax exclusive users, Insurance will now show the correct amount of tax according to the tax rate on SiteLink for the insurance Charge
  • For UK users, if the region is set to United Kingdom. The text ‘VAT’ will be used instead of ‘Tax’ in RapidStor
  • Online password minimum requirements have been updated to require a stronger password