January 2021 Version History

List of Features:

  • Automatically redirect after move-in
    • This new feature allows you change RapidStor’s move-in behaviour so that it redirects the customer to their eSign document immediately after completing the move-in instead of only accessing this via email.
    • This feature can be Toggled in Settings > General
  • Allow Occupancy Based Values
    • This feature allows users to set reservation expiry dates depending on the unit’s occupancy %.
    • To enable this, navigate through to Settings > Reservations and Move-Ins

List of Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • Tenant details that are entered in all lower case or uppercase will be formatted appropriately when added into SiteLink.
  • Disabling Reservations will also disable reservation emails sending out during a move-in process
  • For United Kingdom users, the VAT & Discount columns on the move-in wizard have been swapped to improve the customer experience
  • Removed the text “Via RapidStor” that would appear on specific RapidStor email subject lines
  • Updated tenant accounts to allow customers to still login when their browser has ‘Cross Site Tracking’ disabled