November 2020 Version History

List of Features:

  • Mutli-level unit listing revamp
    • Multi-level unit listing has now been moved into a toggle
    • Multi-level has been expanded to allow compatibility with Modern & Alpha standard unit listing
  • Multiple Origin URLS
    More than one origin URL can now be set in cases where RapidStor needs to be loaded from multiple domains
  • Ability to toggle on/off tenant account features
    Tenant account features such as Upload Documents or Change Tenant Information can be toggled on/off under tenant account settings
  • Offline reservations added to RapidStor (Available via Public Links)
    By inserting a SiteLink reservation number, a move-in can be completed via RapidStor
  • Added sEmailAddress as a keyword available in the move-in email to return the customer’s email address.

List of Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • Fixed customUnitTypeName keyword on the reservation with fee email
  • Fixed Issue with BoxShop in cases where no shipping item was configured
  • Call for availability on Tiered Pricing has been updated to include new styling
  • Resolved Payment issue in rare cases where add money to account was selected.
  • RapidStor will load newly added descriptors & deals without needing to refresh the page.