November 2022 Version History

New Features:

Friendly Names

Admin Panel > Settings > General

Friendly names can now be set on SiteLink, friendly name will be used in place of the usual location name on RapidStor if set. Leaving this blank will use name from SiteLink’s site information.

Portuguese Language Pack

RapidStor has been translated to Portuguese, this will apply to all users that have Portuguese as their browser language.


Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

  • Adjusted unit listings to use SiteLink’s preferred rate. (This means any sites using web rates will automatically have their units show web rates as this is the pricing received from SiteLink)
  • Units being excluded from website will still be able to utilise offline reservations
  • Resolved issue where prices shown on unit listing would not follow SiteLink’s unit type tax setting
  • Resolved issue where certain prices and tax rates could cause RapidStor’s pricing to be 0.01 off