September 2020 Version History

List of Features:

  • Password reset emails can be adjusted and found under Files
  • Complete signup can be adjusted and found under Files
  • Added Custom Reset Password URL to tenant account settings
  • Move-in & reservation emails can be adjusted to have custom subject lines
  • Added option to bypass SiteLink processing for box shop purchases using a payment gateway
  • Added toggle for “Allow Identification Upload” to the Single-Page move-in wizard settings.
  • Added toggle for “Require alternative contact phone number” to the Single-Page move-in wizard settings.
  • Added ability for customers to upload their ID from tenant accounts


List of Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • When sorted by arability, tiered pricing will display available units correctly
  • Updated text for references of “tenant” to “customer”?
  • Adjusted insurance value shown to longer display decimal places
  • Phone numbers now have a minimum character requirement
  • A repeat password field has been added in the move-in to confirm password
  • Fixed issue where specific tokens weren’t appearing on the Receipt for Reservation with Fee transactions
  • Adjusted the cancellation message when exiting the reservation with fee screen to reflect it is a reservation instead of Move-in
  • When disabling auto-billing via tenant accounts RapidStor will no longer ask for details to be added
  • Added spaces between the unit size & size symbols in the move-in wizard
  • Removed password validation for move-ins where the customer is already logged in