September 2022 Version History

New Features:

Admin Overview Interface

A new link has been added on the RapidStor Admin page.

Admin overview will take the user to a corporate level admin page where users can see an overview of all their locations and configure settings that would affect all locations.

This currently still in its early stages, as we continue development more additions and changes will be made to this interface.


Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

  • Fixed issue where customers could select ‘None’ for auto-billing if both the Direct debit & required autobill was enabled
  • Fixed issue where images would fail to upload to descriptors
  • Tenants who sign up or insurance via tenant accounts will have insurance applied at the start of their next rental period instead of their paid thru date
  • Fixed issue where move-in date picker was restricting options to a past date, sometimes preventing move-ins on certain units.
  • Adjusted behaviour of deals displayed to update immediately after changes are made. Previously there was few minutes delay before they would display on the unit listing