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Yes! RapidStor lets you upload any image you like for the display image of your units. It also lets you upload additional images so each unit can have it’s own gallery. Unit names are taken directly from your SiteLink database, so you won’t need to change these. If you do wish to change these, you will have to change the unit type name within SiteLink.

Once we have confirmed your details, it will take our technicians 20 minutes to get your site set up. After the site has been set up, you will need to customise whatever you need, such as colours, unit images, emailed documents and discounts available. This needs to have some time dedicated to it to get everything exactly how you want it. We estimate this should take 30-60 minutes of solid commitment.

If you have issues customising your site, you can always call the RapidStor support line on +61 7 3889 9822 or email [email protected]

If you don’t want the online move-ins feature of RapidStor, then we have a standalone BoxShop available for you. This works the same way, just put the code into your website and it will work!

RapidStor allows you to set up custom emails for each location in your corporate code. If you have different businesses operating under the same Corporate Code, then RapidStor will allow you to set up different logos and emails for the specific business.

Yes, we allow multiple locations to be set up from your Corporation Code, each displaying the units specific for that location.

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