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Real-time data from SiteLink

RapidStor seamlessly connects to your site’s SiteLink database, updating prices, unit types, and availability. As unit types fill, adjust the quantity of spaces left before that unit type is unavailable.


Not all units are ideal for online rentals. Pick and choose the units you display on RapidStor. Use RapidStor to display specials or hard-to-move spaces, along with high-value spaces. Discount plans for offer are uploaded from SiteLink as they’re created or modified, allowing your business to react to market changes instantly.

Customise the look and feel of RapidStor

RapidStor can be customised to retain the look and feel of your website and company branding. Theme colour, background colour, and even the admin panel can be changed. Add special text to offers as well. Upload your own CSS style sheet (or we can create one for you) to totally customise the look and feel of RapidStor. Upload your logo, Self Storage agreement, confirmation email, T&C’s, and much more.


A simple 3 step process delivers online move ins 24/7

Step 1. Customer picks the space/size/offer of their choice.

Step 2. Customer fills in their details, box shop purchases, insurance, agrees to the terms, and confirms their contact email and payment details.

Step 3. Rental confirmation is sent to the new customer, with the agreement and paid invoice attached. The move in is automatically completed in SiteLink Web Edition and the site receives the same email as the new customer. The move in is highlighted in SiteLink in the task list.

Abandonment is highlighted and alerted

Should a potential storer attempt a move in and only enter their basic details, RapidStor treats this as a reservation and delivers an alert to the site so the potential storer can be contacted to complete the transaction.


Time is the only difference

Time separates what’s a booking and what’s an enquiry. RapidStor research shows over 95% of bookings convert to rentals. RapidStor controls whether a move in or a reservation is completed based upon setup information.

Faster move ins

Potential customers complete the storage agreement online, saving time in the Self Storage office, especially during busy periods. Agreements are saved online and can be accessed in SiteLink Web Edition.

Customers expect online bookings

RapidStor is different to all other booking systems as it actually completes the move in process. Most systems take bookings or reservations. Actual move ins save time on site. Customers expect to be able to complete the move in process online.

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