Offer targeted customer deals for their specific storage needs

RapidStor’s Personalisation feature empowers your business to listen to what your customers are telling you about their reason for storing, then tailor your offers specifically to that reason.

1. Pick a group of customers that are profitable and you want more of

2. Think about what offer might be more compelling for that type of customer and create them in RapidStor

3. Build marketing campaigns targeting this group of customers

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Personalisation Examples

Need inspiration for how to use RapidStor’s personalisation capabilities?

Someone moving house

Instead of offering a discount on the storage unit, you could offer your customer free packing boxes worth $100 from the Box Shop, allowing them to have a supply of boxes ready for their upcoming move. This might be more useful for the customer as they will only be using this unit for a short period of time.

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Working with a business

For a staff member at a business they are less driven by prices and discounts than they would be if they were getting storage for themselves. You may choose to offer this particular customer something that is targeted towards them personally – like getting a free case of wine when they purchase storage for their business.

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RapidStor makes selling your Self Storage units online easy.

Customise your bookings to your brand, offer special discounts and manage your online sales all in the one.
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