August, 2018 Version History

List of Features:

* Added text to explain on the admin panel that it reverts back to default colour if you clear the field

* Various performance and maintainability enhancements to server side code

* Customer phone number can be now added to the BoxShop Receipt Email template by adding <%= ShoppingCart.clientInfo.Phone %>

* Tracking enhancements to Tenant Accounts

* Grids on the admin panel have been replaced with tables that have better functionality suited to their respective purposes.

RapidStor Features Update


List of Bug Fixes:

* Spelling mistake fixed on the Complete Move-in Page

* SiteLink API and Payment Processors are now sent the card holder’s name for better recording

* When logging in to the admin panel, the first enabled site will be selected – previously none was selected if the first site in the corporation was not enabled

* Uploading a PDF with less pages than the previous PDF now does not cause issues with the mapping in the database

* Drop down for categories on BoxShop now does not look awful on user’s using Windows