Self Storage Software For Online Move Ins

To run your Self Storage site successfully, you will need to use Self Storage Software that is compatible with web payments and online move ins.

There are lots of different brands but SiteLink Web Edition stands out as a user favourite having won the prestigious “Best Software” category from Inside Self Storage the leading Self Storage publication seven times.

Self Storage is a service business like many others. Customers conduct their research on the Internet like they do for most things.

Your website is probably going to be the first place they ‘touch’ your business. The key to winning the business that can come from this experience is getting your message across and then giving the potential customer the ‘chance to buy’.

This is where not all Self Storage Software is the same. Full integration with your unit database and the website is essential so the potential customer can rent a space from you right there right now. Thats how RapidStor, our website technology, works.

Thousands of these online move ins happen every day and Self Storage Software like SiteLink Web Edition makes it easy for these transactions to occur.

Once the customer has rented a space, they’ll want to pay for their storage space online. SiteLink Web Edition provides a simple web template that can be added to the website so that Self Storage payments can be made.

It’s easy for new operators to skip these steps and make the wrong choice of Self Storage Software that doesn’t offer these built in features. This can be a costly mistake, handing online reservations and online move ins to competitors.

Our software also automates the daily billing task. SiteLink Web Edition provides schedules of letters to be sent every day by email SMS or post. Keeping up to date with his task is easy with Self Storage Management software, SiteLink Web Edition.

If you’re an existing operator and want to change to SiteLink, we have conversion programs for Winsen, StorMan Software, RentPlus, Syrasoft, Self Storage Manager, and many others.

When you reviewing your Self Storage Software options, don’t forget PCI compliance. PCI Compliance is critical to ensure the safety of Credit Card transactions.