600+ Reservations & Move Ins Using RapidStor Technology

SiteLink Web Edition users that use the RapidStor module for their websites have now surpassed 600 online reservations and move ins, generating more than $2 million worth of Self Storage business.

And this does not include National Storage to use our RapidStor technology engine for their online move in and reservation process.

“Every month we’re noticing more and more people using our online reservations and move in technology. Automated move ins and reservations form a significant part of our overall monthly let up,” Ian Oliver of Capital Self Storage said.

“The benefit to us is that these move ins and reservations are at full price, adding significantly to our bottom line. We would not be without this technology now”.

Should you put prices on the web?

After returning from the United States last week, Centreforce Technology Group’s Dallas Dogger said: “there’s no longer a debate in the US about prices on the web. It’s considered to be a standard now. Sites that don’t put prices on the web are handing business to their competitors. Storers are web smart – they wont tolerate a lack of information on your website.”

Bob Copper, well respected management consultant of 101 Storage said: “You are really missing out if you don’t put your prices on the Internet.” He was responding to questions from managers who are concerned about exposing prices, thinking that the opposition can beat them by a few dollars.

“Price shoppers will shop around and if your site that has the best prices you should run them up the flagpole and show the world you have the best price. No point hiding the fact!” Copper said. “If you’re worried about putting your prices on the web, then you should be just as wary to tell potential customers prices over the phone! Customers are not stupid, if your prices are too high or your service is no good, they will shop around. They do their research anyway.”

Latest research shows that a customer will only spend four seconds looking at your front page on your website. If you don’t make it easy for them to do business with you immediately, they move onto the site that does.

Landing Pages

Joe Shoen, CEO of U-Haul, said that they spend an enormous amount of money internally with over 100 programmers, working on their software and their website. They have specific landing pages for U-Haul specials. He said landing pages were the only way you could determine value from web promotions and paid click advertising.

He believes the return from click advertising is around 1%. That means for every 100 clicks, he gets a move in. He does not see that as value and has discontinued paid advertising on Google.

Many of us still use the Yellow Pages as the yardstick for advertising performance. In the old days, you could bank on the phone ringing once your advertisement was published. Those days are long gone. Larger operators report over a 60% reduction in phone calls. Customers don’t ring anymore because they don’t need to; they’re trawling the Internet on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Phone screens are getting larger and larger, making it easier and easier to see your business offerings. Younger people may not even have access to a computer and only do business on the smartphone.

This is not a future dream – this is the current reality. The connected Self Storage facility has a great website, shows the online pricing that is integrated with their software, lists their specials, and gives their customers the opportunity to rent a space online, whether they need it today or they need it tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to put your prices on the web! After all, you don’t do business with websites that don’t expose their prices, do you? Imagine if Qantas, Thrifty, Hertz, Avis, and others didn’t show prices? You wouldn’t use their websites!

Online move ins and reservations work for you 24/7. Your office is open and ready for business even when you’re not. You’d be amazed at the amount of sites that have after hours move ins, catering for time poor storage customers.

Uur RapidStor technology easily integrates with SiteLink Web Edition and is now used by more than 10,000 users worldwide. Find out more on how RapidStor can help your business.