August, 2019 Version History

List of Features:
  • Added descriptor rules that replaces the old Unit type Management. The new rules work similar to tiers, are processed in an order and will stop the descriptors disappearing when the price changes in SiteLink.

  • Added in the Facility Name to the bottom of the email that is sent out from tenant accounts (signup / reset password).
  • Added in facility name to the email subject that is sent from tenant accounts (signup / reset password).
  • Updated all package dependencies of RapidStor
  • Updated the database version of RapidStor
  • Updated the platform version of RapidStor
  • Added a quick filter link for ‘Vehicle’ parking (can be turned on in Settings)

  • Added functionality to honour occupancy settings for Discount Plans in SiteLink. Deals with discount plans that trigger based on occupancy levels will automatically apply or not apply.

  1. Fixed BoxShop bug – selecting from QTY dropdown does not increase the price but does increase the number of items
  2. Some units with the word “Parking” in their unit type name are not displaying when the Vehicle space calculator option is selected.