August 2021 Version History

August has brought further changes to the PayTabs V2 integration along with other bug fixes. Coming soon for UK users, the RapidStor will support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as required by the EU Revised directive on Payment Services.


New Features:

PayTabs V2 – Support for embedded TenantAccounts

Settings > Payment Gateways

PayTabs v2 can now be used on embedded instances of tenant accounts. PayTabs will now correctly redirect back to the previous tenant accounts page.


PayTabs V2 – Support for STC PAY & Apple Pay

Settings > Payment Gateways

PayTabs v2 now supports both STC PAY & Apply Pay. If your PayTabs account already supports these payments then no changes need to be made. If your current account doesn’t support these you will need to talk to the PayTabs team to get this enabled.


Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

  • Resolved issue when specific amounts & tax rates are used, the reservation quoted rate would be 0.01 off on SiteLink
  • Fixed issue where the card expiry details stored on SiteLink would differ from the values provided from the user