December, 2018 Version History

List of Features:

  1. Toggle added to settings to show / hide tiers with no available units.
  2. Added “p/m” (per month) label to units with no deal assigned on the standard unit listing.
  3. Added cherry pick basis to tiered pricing which allows admin users to select either lowest rate or most availability.
  4. Added ability to use the brower’s back button to move from the move-in wizard back to the unit listing succesfully.
  5. Facility staff self-service can now revert images to defaults.
  6. Added ability to set the number days before a reservation expires in SiteLink.
  7. Added description and validation for online password field on the move-in wizard.
  8. Changed the file extension of download for reservation and move-in emails to ‘txt’ instead of ‘ejs’.
  9. Updates to Chinese translations.
  10. Added ability to add the payment type (credit card used – visa, mastercard etc) to receipts.
  11. Added cron jobs and scripts to clean up temp files on hosts.rapidstor

List of Bug Fixes:


  1. Fixed the problem of BoxShop images being lost when updating description or category.
  2. Fixed the default reservation and move-in email using old keywords for unit size.
  3. Fixed issue with BoxShop that could allow a customer to still get free shipping after removing some mechandise items.
  4. Fixed issue where self-service buttons did not display correctly in the WeChat browser.