January 2022 Version History

Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

    • Resolved issue where invalid date formats could be sent during move-in causing an error on move-in
    • Resolved issue where emails would not send if Custom Marketing URL was not set but used on Emails
    • Fixed issue that would prevent tenants from using pay current due when multiple units were overdue
    • Fixed issue that would prevent some sites from uploading a new site logo
    • Fixed issue where in certain cases ‘Call for availability’ would be shown when hide less than minimum was used
    • Added validation to prevent users from adding the same email address into the CC & BCC fields
    • Fixed issue where the free shipping prompt would appear twice
    • During move-in, the page will automatically scroll to the top of the BoxShop window when ‘View all items’ is clicked.
    • While use existing account is enabled, customers cannot configure their email address on the move-in screen (unless they’ve chosen to move-in now)
    • Weekly rates shown on insurance calculations have been adjusted show more accurate amounts when using 28 day billing
    • Adjusted behaviour of the insurance upload prompt so it does not appear before the user has selected their insurance option