July 2020 Version History

List of Features:
  • Added Book Online Discount (%). Using this will apply a flat % discount only if a move-in is performed
  • Added Insurance coverages maximum Area to set a maximum area limit a insurance coverage can apply to
  • Added Custom eSign return URL. If setup this will redirect the user to a specified URL after completing their eSign document
  • Added “Allow Marketing” checkbox to the move-in
  • Added Company field for BoxShop purchases
  • Updated BoxShop cart button. It will now show the number of items in cart instead of number of products
  • Updated security measures on the backend to prevent bots from processing transactions
  • Updated BoxShop to only use address fields when required for shipping. If shipping is disabled in Boxshop, these fields will be hidden
  • Updated the notes added to tenant accounts from RapidStor during a Reservation and/or Move-in to show more useful information
  • Updated Deal descriptions to be able to use deal tokens such as {{StandardRate}}, {{DiscountSaving}} or etc
  • Updated Tiered unit listing’s search filter to find units more appropriately when used
  • For users on the United Kingdom country setting, various text changes have been made to accommodate with regional terminology