June, 2018 Version History

List of features:

    1. The new Tenant Accounts feature allows tenants to login, view payment history, view and edit their profile information, set up auto payment and make new payments. The application takes into account that some tenants will have more than one unit, and that the tenant’s login information may be attached to more than one tenant in SiteLink. Tenant Accounts also allows a tenant user to reset a forgotten SiteLink web password securely by sending a reset link to the registered email address. Tenant accounts can be included and integrated on a page seamlessly as RapidStor does, just add the snippet from the Administrative Panel.Tenant Account Features | RapidStor Update


  1.  For Hong Kong, the state, postal code and driving license fields on the move-in wizard can now be hidden.
    *Quick Search bar has been given some default colour to stand out more.*


RapidStor Update


Performance Enhancements:

  1. Performance enhancement by integrating a global content delivery network to deliver scripts and style data to the end user faster and geographically closer.
  2. Performance enhancements for RapidStor using and Amazon S3 to automatically scale and CDN images
  3. Performance enhancements for RapidStor using node.js clustering, allows the server to service more requests

Bug Fixes

  1. In memory caches for Unit Descriptor images and BoxShop product images are now appropriately cleared when a new image is set in admin.
  2. prefix is now prepended to standard unit type descriptors when creating adding a new site to a corporation or adding a new corporation.