June 2022 Version History

New Features:

SiteLink Bulletins for document uploads

SiteLink Bulletin notices will show notes when documents are uploaded from RapidStor. Each bulletin will give details such as the document name & tenant.


RapidID Integration

Added integration with RapidID for ID verification in Australia. When enabled users can verify their ID using documents such as a drivers licence or passport which will add a SiteLink bulletin if their ID has been successfully verified. *If you are interested in using this feature get in touch with our team


Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

    • Made further changes to the move-in process to prevent customers from sites using Strong Customer Authentication encountering an error on move-in
    • Fixed issue where invoice numbers shown on Tenant Account were not consistent with SiteLink
    • Fixed issue where assigning a name substitution for ‘Merchandise’ could cause errors when adding merchandise on move-in
    • When ‘Hide Prices’ is enabled on multiple locations (Under the same corporation). RapidStor will temporarily remember & pre-fill the user’s previous submission if they load another location.
    • Fixed issue where move-ins initiated with ‘/’ as the date separator would cause the move-in date to pre-fill as empty on the move-in screen