November 2021 Version History

New Features:

Boxshop categories sort order

BoxShop > Categories

BoxShop categories can now be manually ordered. This feature allows you to set the ordering of categories which can be pre-loaded when adjusting defaultCategoryIndex

Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

    • Fixed issue where Size Filters would come into effect on the first save & would only apply on the second save.
    • Resolved issue where European users on Strong Customer Authentication could not complete a reservation with fee.
    • Resolved issue where ‘Value of stored goods’ would be noted as 0 on move-ins with declared self insured.
    • Resolved issue where RapidStor would attempt to apply insurance on units excluded from insurance causing an error on move-in
    • RapidStor will now still send the lead follow up email if ‘Allow reservations’ are disabled