October, 2018 Version History

List of Features:

  • Tenant accounts – added a sign up / create account functionality
  • Assistance with moving – added a new field to settings that takes an email address, when a user indicates they need assistance it will be sent to the site and the email address in that setting

RapidStor Update

  • Added support for unicode characters in PDF attachments, this will allow Chinese characters to appear for Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Added classes for unit type information on Quick Reserve screen which makes it easier to hide areas using custom CSS
  • Insurance coverage on the move-in wizard now shows the premium amount per month


  • Removed the Value of Stored Goods field on the move-in wizard, as it was no longer required
  • Refresh from SiteLink on the administration panel now refreshes the page after successful completion so that data is up to date
  • Added display of Gate code (Access Code) to the tenant accounts profile section
  • Various code refactoring for ongoing quality of source code
  • Tiered pricing – generation of tiers is now supported. You can generate based on standard and custom categories or based on the unit sizes at your site.Tiered Pricing | RapidStor


Tiered Pricing | RapidStor

List of Bug Features

  • Fixed an issue where users put in date of birth with slashes instead of dashes causes an error
  • Fixed an issue where internal SiteLink administrators are shown the terms and conditions of use when supporting sites
  • Stand-alone BoxShop now scrolls up after successful payment when displayed on mobile devices