October 2020 Version History

List of Features:

  • Space Calculator’s calculations can now be configured to facility preferences
  • For Standard Unit Listings, Descriptor names can be used of the unit Name
    To enable this, the setting can be found under General Settings
  • Changes in auto billing preferences through Tenant Accounts will now be noted on the tenant’s note screen on SiteLink & will appear on the SiteLink Calendar


List of Bug Fixes & Adjustments:

  • Fixed issue in abnormal cases where insurance policies were selected before a move-in date which was causing an error
  • Fixed issue where deal tokens were not returning the correct values for tiered pricing setups
  • Fixed issue where the token for ‘maskedCreditCardNumber’ would appear blank on receipts with reservation fee
  • The same name & email can no longer be used for alternate contact details
  • If free shipping is enabled above a threshold, BoxShop will now automatically update to free shipping if the cart reaches above the threshold