July, 2018 Version History

List of New Features:

* Customer phone number can be now added to the BoxShop Receipt Email template by adding <%= ShoppingCart.clientInfo.Phone %>

* Tracking enhancements to Tenant Accounts

* EULA (software licence agreement) acceptance for existing users

* As requested – loading text now shows “Please wait while we find you the best deals”

* Unit Sort Order (Floor)

RapidStor Floor Unit Sort
* Allow removing of AMEX as a payment method
RapidStor Payment Options
* Made it more visibly clear if BoxShop is pickup only
RapidStor Box Shop


List of New Bug Fixes:

* Uploading a PDF with less pages than the previous PDF now does not cause issues with the mapping in the database

 * Drop down for categories on BoxShop now does not look awful on user’s using Windows

 * Unit descriptor highlight colour bug – now resets to default after removing colour

 * CNCK – Email Templates have ‘m’ hard coded in, now uses size symbol from settings

 * Fixed parking that was showing up in Space Calculator when using moving house etc

 * BoxShop product packs stop working when an included product has been deleted in SiteLink – RapidStor will now delete the product from the pack but leave all other details the same