September, 2018 Version History

List of Features:

  • All correspondence emails to the customer (reservation, move-in confirmation etc) will now CC the site’s email address instead of BCC. This will help triage issues with the site not getting the copy.
  • Tiered pricing work continues
  • New Zealand and Philippines added to country list
  • Added enabled/disabled switches to the deal list in Admin Panel
  • Added tenant date of birth as a keyword available for Receipt and Lease email attachments.
  • You can now have a checkbox on the reservation modal that asks if the customer would like assistance with a moving truck or trailer. It can be turned on in the admin panel and if a cusotmer does check the box, an email will be sent to the site with the customer’s details for a followup.
  • Admin panel code cleanup continues


List of Bug Fixes:
  • Space calculator bug where Moving Home would not apply area to unit list results has been fixed