September 2021 Version History

New Features:

Add Availability numbers on the descriptor matched table

Settings > Descriptors for Standard Unit Listing

When making configurations to RapidStor descriptors, the Price List Reference will now show the current available unit count for each unit type.

Adjustments to Tenant account behaviour for auto-billing

Settings > Descriptors for Standard Unit Listing

The Auto-billing interface via tenant accounts has been adjusted to reduce confusion where tenants may be not notice the change settings button


Using “customMarketingUrl” keyword in emails will display a link

Settings > Notification Emails

A new token has been added to RapidStor’s email template. customMarketingUrl has been included to allow users to setup unique review/marketing links in their email templates per location. Example of using Custom Marking Link:

<a href="<%= customMarketingUrl %>">Review Us here!</a>

Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

  • Fixed issue on tenant accounts where the logout button would not appear if ‘Change Tenant Information’ was disabled for customers
  • Fixed issue where the setting for ‘Turn off send invoice’ in SiteLink when auto-billing selected’ was not followed for new move-ins
  • The Remaining count on Alpha Unit Listing will now accurately display the remaining number of units available when some units are currently reserved
  • The ‘Hidden’ insurance toggles have been adjusted to make it more clear if the policy is hidden or shown to customers